Labradorite comes from the mineral feldspar and has a hardness of 6 – 6 ½. Labradorite got its name from the Labrador Peninsula in Canada where it was discovered. This stone normally comes in gray to black however shows an iridescence or “play of color” in violet, blue, green, gold, orange, yellow and red. The iridescence is the result of light refracting within the stone. Labradorite is found in Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, Russia and the United States.
In the past, Eskimos believed that the northern lights were once trapped in the rocks off the coast of Labrador but were set free into the sky by one of their ancestors who broke the rocks with his spear. However, some of the lights remained trapped in the stone which we now call labradorite.

This stone is believed to bring strength, perseverance and intuition. Connects one with one’s destiny in the stars. Connects the user with the other worldly energies that reside within the stone.
Some of its physical healing properties include aiding in digestion, reducing anxiety and stress, stimulates mental sharpness.

Emotional properties: It helps one to advance without constraint, provides clarity of purpose and insight into ones direction according to the preconceived plans of your higher self.


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