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Handcrafted Jewelry with Colored Gemstones

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Stories & Talismans

Beautiful Jewelry as Spiritual Ornament steeped in Rituals



Bijou du jour: Climbing Vines Labradorite Earrings

*Featuring a limited edition design available while supplies last.

These beautiful earrings feature faceted Labradorite coins to help provide clarity of purpose to the wearer. Labradorite is one of my favorite gemstones to design with because of its luminescence. It changes colour depending on the angle varying from blue, green to gold in these earrings, making them easy to pair up with multiple items in one's wardrobe. The gold matte finish of the beautiful Vines motif and earwires' details gives them a bit of a luxe quality.  A fantastic and versatile pair to take with you on a week-end getaway!

Bijou du jour: London Blue Topaz Drops

*Featuring a limited edition design available while supplies last.

These beautiful drop earrings feature faceted London Blue Topaz teardrops to help prompt success in love and steer the wearer away from emotional setbacks.  Paired with Green Quartz spacers and gold plated detailed beads, we created a rich and lush palette that lends itself wonderfully to an evening out on the town.


Bijour du jour: Aisha Yellow Quartz and Tiger's Eye Bracelet

* Featuring a limited edition design available while supplies last.

You will love the new Aisha Gemstone Collection! A beautiful lens set faceted Yellow Quartz anchors your bracelet for clarity and purifying, as quartz dispels negativity. Our Tiger's Eye gemstone beads are adorned with a set of 24 gold plated caps for that added touch of lushness. It is stunning when worn alone and beautiful when layered with any of our other bracelets and bangles. It can be adjusted between 6.75 and 7.75 inches in length. A beautiful piece to wear as your personal every day Talisman.

Signature Collection

Because Every Woman Deserves a Colored gemstone