The Designer

Hello, my name is Grâce Toléqué and I am the designer behind Grace & Angeline Jewelry Studio. Primarily self-taught, I have been designing jewelry with colored gemstones for over 25 years. Born in Paris (France) and raised in the Central African Republic, I now live in Toronto (Canada) and I am honored to have been designing for a local as well as an international clientele. Grace & Angeline Jewelry Studio is the culmination of my life’s vision: to create gorgeous and meaningful pieces that showcase the beauty and ancient healing properties of each colored gemstone I use in my designs. My uncompromising standards of quality, eye for beautiful design and instinct for combining colors have led me to create a legacy of lasting quality jewelry with beautiful exquisite hand-picked colored gemstones to be cherished for a lifetime. 

My love for creating custom pieces is in part a tribute to the past: As a child, I was fascinated by how during her travels, my mother would choose her stones just so, sketch the design she wanted to create and visit her trusted master jeweler to discuss how to transform her ideas into a beautiful reality. Guided by my mother's sense of style, love of quality and design, I started designing jewelry soon after her passing, as a form of therapy to work through my grief. I owe my love of jewelry and design to my mother Angeline, which is why her name is beside mine.

Today, while I love the entire design process, colored gemstones are the starting point and the main inspiration behind my limited edition designs. I am first inspired by the beauty, the vibrant colors and the spiritual powers of the gemstones. Each has a story to tell and my design process is about drawing that storyboard while being inspired by snapshots from my travels, life experiences, art, symbols and motifs from old world cultures, my African heritage and its tradition of craftsmanship.

I design for the woman who is a free-spirit with sophisticated tastes, who believes that jewelry is not merely an ornament but is also a personal talisman. Each piece is designed with the intention to inspire, to heal and to empower. If you believe in the importance of self-care, spiritual and ritual practices and that your jewelry plays a role in those pursuits, then Grace and Angeline Jewelry is for you. My client also has an eye for quality handcrafted ultra feminine pieces, embraces color and appreciates unique classic designs with a vintage feel.

When designing a private commission, my first step is always to establish and develop a close and personal relationship with my clients in order to intuitively understand their sensibilities, which would in turn allow me to design pieces to suit their lifestyle. And I design with the goal to surpass all expectations.

If you are ready to have a beautiful piece of jewelry designed just for you, a piece that you will truly cherish no matter the occasion, click here to fill out the Custom Design Questionnaire at the end of the Private Commission page and get the process started. I will be deeply honored to embark on this design journey with you”.