I received a very precious and antique piece that required a hand of love and creativity. Grace was the first person I thought of as this beautiful soul holds such deep love and honor with every piece she creates. I gave Grace a basic guideline of what was required and left the rest to her heart and hands. I could not believe what she created when I saw the finished piece. It brought tears to my eyes and unbelievable joy and peace to my soul. She worked tirelessly, with focus and a picture in her mind’s eye, all the while keeping in mind who I was and what would match with me. Where else could I ever receive such attention, care and love? I wear this masterpiece every day, and every day I am reminded of the amazing gift and care of this artist, jeweler, creator who has a passion for the great gift she has and a passion for people. I cannot think of a more fitting name for Grace, as she elegantly and humbly carries herself and her many gifts through life. Thank you Grace for your gifts, for your love and kin awareness of what helps create such beauty.

Heidi McBratney, Toronto

When you first enter Grace and Angeline boutique you will get the feeling that you are stepping into your own personal jewel box. It is evident that Grace, the designer/owner, has put her heart and soul into each of her exquisite pieces. She has combined her extensive knowledge of gemstones with her unique creative flair and an attention to detail that is much appreciated by her clientele. A visit to Grace and Angeline will add something special to your day.

Kathy Ormiston, Toronto

Grace is one of the most creative and vibrant artists of jewelry I have ever come across. Her store is a treasure trove of unusual colored gemstones, each piece reflecting Grace’s love of beauty and design. Grace has a keen eye, a whimsical touch, and a deep understanding of how to meticulously craft jewelry that is both modern and classic. I especially appreciate that Grace works with you, patiently listening to what you want, and transforming your words into a design or restoration that becomes uniquely yours. If you want a piece that is a standout, eye-catching, and reasonably priced, stop in to browse in Grace’s boutique. I often do, just to refresh my soul with Grace’s welcoming smile and treasure chest of inspired designs.

Alexandra Radkewycz, Toronto



Recently I had a special request for a ring to be made and sought Grace’s expertise. Grace was meticulous with seeking to understand what I needed, taking measurements and offered valuable suggestions. Using her ingenuity and intuition she crafted a ring for me which is indeed a treasure. I have come to understand that there truly is an alchemical effect when a gifted jeweler makes jewelry. Grace has this gift and the skill to magically create beauty which nourishes the wearer’s spirit and soul. Her store is a treasure trove of items literally and metaphorically of gems, silver and gold. I whole heatedly recommend you visit Grace and Angeline Jewelry Studio whether to browse or purchase a gift for yourself or a loved one.

Leslie Fell, Toronto.

I happened upon a quaint boutique named Grace & Angeline during a walk one day and I was amazed by all the natural gemstones set in sterling silver, which is my favorite metal. The variety of gemstones tantalized my interest as Grace described the meaning of each one. I was deeply impressed by her vast knowledge.

That day had been particularly stressful, but needless to say I found solace among the beauty of the jewels and the owner’s welcomed kindness. I went into the boutique and left feeling better, having in my possession a beautiful handcrafted pair of earrings and a better outlook on life in general. If it’s beautiful, made with love and unique, it will be part of my collection – or that’s what I tell myself as I often rationalize the jewelry I have acquired over the years. Hers certainly is.

Grace has created an environment that is not only inviting, it is also therapeutic. This beautiful little boutique serves as an oasis, a fantasy mixed with glamour, a woman’s version of a candy store.

Lisa, Toronto


For our wedding bands we wanted something custom made that felt special for us. Grace took the time not just to get to know our tastes, but to learn our story and get to know us as people. She was patient, accommodating, and worked within our budget to create something that surpassed all expectations. Not only could we not be more thrilled with the final product, working with Grace to get there could not have been a more pleasant and rewarding experience. Thank you Grace from the bottom of our hearts!

Annie and Matt Coulson


I forget how I first found out about Grace and Angeline Jewelry Studio but since then, I keep going back. Her jewelry is simply beautiful and comfortable to wear. I consistently get compliments on whatever G&A piece I happen to be wearing. In fact, one of my friends always chastises me if I forget to wear my G&A earrings! “You just don’t understand what those earrings do for you” she tells me in way of explanation – “they light up your face”.

I feel better dressed when I’m wearing jewelry from Grace and Angeline. It puts the finishing touch on my outfit, whether casual or formal. Sometimes I try to decide which is my favorite piece. In the end, I can’t decide between them. I love them all!

A major benefit of discovering Grace & Angeline, is now my husband knows where to go for anniversaries, Christmas and Valentine gifts. I do gift shopping there too. There is a range of price and style so I can find something for a small memento, or a special present to mark a big milestone.
When given as gifts, the contents of those little brown boxes never fail to bring a smile of delight. The only problem – when I watch someone open a G&A box, sometimes I wish I hadn’t given it to someone else!

Maureen Walter


It wasn’t just about buying a piece of jewelry; it was “an experience”. Grace wants to get to know her clients (what matters to them; what is meaningful to them) in order to create a special, unique piece. In our case, it was a custom-crafted 18 karat gold wedding band. When we ventured into Grace and Angeline, we found a welcoming, attentive, creative and knowledgeable jewelry designer. We are thrilled with the ring she created that is so special, and thoroughly enjoyed going through the process of its creation.

B & H – Toronto