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At Grace & Angeline Jewelry Studio, we specialize in creating timeless and elegant custom designs for all occasions. One of my greatest joys as a jewelry designer is to bring a client’s vision to life. It is an even greater thrill when that jewel surpasses the client’s expectations. In order to achieve this, I have set up a design process that is seamless, time efficient and enjoyable for both our clients and I the designer.

 A bit about the process:

The design process starts with a free consultation which can occur over email, on the phone, via Skype, or in person during which time we will discuss your design idea in great detail.

Based upon the details gathered, I will send you a preliminary quote. I will then start designing your piece paying close attention to your specifications, your aesthetic and your budget. I will submit 2 to 3 sketches (depending on the complexity of the project) for your approval. A 30% non-refundable design fee is required before these sketches are submitted to you. Please note that the design fee goes toward the final quote for your piece.

Once the sketch has been approved, I will start sourcing gemstones and will provide you with a photo or video of 2 to 3 selections to choose from. I work with a small group of local gemstone and diamond suppliers with exceptional ethical sourcing. Feel free to consult our page of Colored Gemstone for a bit of guidance. 


A final quote will be sent to you once the gemstones have been selected, detailing the style, the materials, the price and the timeline. A second payment of 30% is required for us to start the project with the understanding that the remaining balance will be paid upon completion of the piece. Please note that all payments are not refundable and because your finished custom piece was designed specially for you, it can not be subject to a return or refund.

 So as soon as that payment has been received, we start your project with a wax model based on the final approved sketch. Unique details and textures are applied by hand at this point, making the piece extra special. If you wish to see or try on the wax model, arrangements can be made if the client is local, if not a photo can be sent via email.

We then proceed with casting the design in the desired metal. That will be followed by assembling the various components, pre-polishing or cleaning up the piece, setting the gemstones, applying all finishing touches, re-applying details lost along the way, followed by a final polish dictated by the design so that it is absolutely perfect.

You will receive a call or an email once your beautiful piece has been completed and is ready to be delivered!


So if you are looking to have a unique piece designed to mark a special moment in your life or to match an outfit or just because, look no further.  Fill out the questionnaire below and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours regarding your designing needs. Click here to read what other clients have to say.


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