The Studio

The raison d’être of Grace and Angeline Jewelry Studio is to duplicate childhood memories of my mother’s jewelry shopping process. As a child, I was fascinated by the way my mother Angeline would choose her stones just so, sketch the design she wanted to create and visit her trusted master jeweler to discuss how to transform her ideas into a beautiful reality. She will forever be my Muse.


Our bespoke design services are a modern evolution of this old world tradition which allows clients to get personally involved in creating custom-made jewelry. Clients make an appointment to meet one-on-one to discuss their ideas for a custom design, consult photographs for inspiration, or even customize my existing designs by choosing the metal or stones of their choice. The process is perfectly suited to create special occasion jewelry, a personalized gift for yourself or for loved ones, engagement rings and wedding bands, unique bridesmaid gifts or a truly one of a kind masterpiece just because. To learn more about the design process, please click here.

 Our jewelry signature collection is inspired by the beauty of our hand-picked gems, vibrant color combinations reminiscent of the African continent, by indigenous body ornaments of long ago, ancient cultures and the fabric of my travels and life experiences. Because the environment in which these pieces are created is so important, the Design Studio where all the magic happens is a small but lovely and peaceful space filled with fabulous jewels and gems, photographs and images, books and art, curios and flowers. It is in this place that I let my soul soar and create from the heart.


 I do hope you will come along with me on this beautiful journey as I continue to follow my dream and hone my craft. This Gallery of Inspirations, Past and Present will be a showcase of what informs my designs and my creative spirit and of who and what motivates and inspires me.