Turquoise with Dolphins Coin

Our gemstone bracelet features faceted Turquoise and gold vermeil beads to add that special touch of warmth to the wrist. Our ancient motif is a 24k gold plated sterling silver Dolphins Coin.

Known as a master healer's Stone, turquoise is sacred to both Native American and oriental traditions. It is associated with the sky, and bringing sky energy to earth. It can help promote honest and clear communication from the heart.It is also thought to be helpful with sentiments of sadness  and to bring out courage strength and confidence. It is coupled here with a Dolphins coin. Revered by many ancient cultures, dolphins symbolize playfulness, gentleness, intelligence, good luck and protection.  Our Turquoise & Dolphins Coin gemstone bracelet would be a perfect piece to have against your skin in situations where clarity & courage are paramount.

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