The Strand of Truth

Our beautiful bead bracelet is long enough at 36 inches to wrap around the wrist up to 6 times or to wear as a long layering necklace. It's adorned with a faceted rectangular Lapis which activates the psychic centre of the Third Eye (the Brow Chakra) granting you the gift of clear sightedness spiritual contemplation and self reflection and balances the energies of your Throat Chakra which allows you to seek and communicate true knowledge, and foster creativity expressed through an authentic voice. Lapis Lazuli is known as the gemstone of Truth. We also feature large and small Vintage Chevron beads, our highly prized African trade beads from Ghana alongside an array of blue, turquoise, yellow and green beads for balance. Made with intention, our silent prayer, our mantra for this strand is "I choose Truth"!

Each bracelet comes with its own Affirmation and Story card.

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