Carnelian is the alternative birthstone for August and comes in brilliant orange, deep-red and red-brown and may be either solid in color or be faintly banded. Its name is derived from the Latin word carneus which means “fleshy”. This stone is a variety of chalcedony and has a hardness of 6 ½. It is widely used since before Roman times, Carnelian was often used in signet rings that were pressed into wax to seal letters and correspondence of great importance. The best quality Carnelian is found in India but it is also found in other parts of the world including Uruguay, Brazil, Japan, Botswana, and Madagascar and the United States.

It is believed to calm emotions and promote ambition, energy and drive and considered a very highly evolved mineral healer. Carnelian is often referred to as the Master Communicator.
Some of its physical healing properties include
energizing the blood and enhancing the functions of all eliminative organs.
Emotional properties:
It vitalizes the physical/mental and emotional bodies, aligns the etheric bodies and enhances atonement with inner self, facilitates concentration and opens the heart. It is a warming and joyous gem.


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Type: Gemstone

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