Chrysoprase is the most valued variety of chalcedony and has a hardness of 6 1/2.  The name comes from the Greek words chrysos meaning gold and prason meaning “leek” because it resembles the colour of the vegetable.  Historically chrysoprase was used to decorate chapels and carve cameos.  High quality chrysoprase can sometimes be mistaken for imperial jade.  Early chrysoprase came from the Czeck Republic but today the best and largest single source is found in Marlborough, Queensland Australia.

Chrysoprase strengthens the etheric body and enhances the physical body in healing in order to produce visible results.
Some of its physical healing properties include strengthening the reproductive organs and opening the sexual chakra, increasing fertility and assisting the body in being receptive to the energy necessary to pro or co-create.
Emotional properties: It provides for an attitude of acceptance and non-judgment and allows one to be open to the recognition of fellow beings as equals – regardless of their station in life.


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Type: Gemstone

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