Talei Earrings Green and Red with Peridot

Our brand new Talei Earrings have already become quite popular! They feature African glass beads anchored by beautifully detailed gold caps and dangling from a gold-filled chain adorned by a stunning faceted Peridot rondelle. These limited edition Glass beads are handmade in Ghana by Cedi, a world renowned bead maker in Odumase-Krobo. The beads are made using recycle glass and each is painstakingly hand-painted before being fired up again in a kiln at 800 degree (Celsius). Check out "Bead Stories"  to learn more about African Trade beads and how century old traditions have embraced modernity to create beautiful new treasures. We added Peridot to the earrings as Peridot is the gemstone for the heart chakra (the 4th Chakra or the bridge) which unites the three lower chakras of matter and the three upper chakras of spirit. The intention when designing these earrings was "I Choose to Heal" so Peridot was the right choice as it is a healing gemstone.

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