The Strand of Healing Wisdom

Our beautiful bead bracelet is long enough at 36 inches to wrap around the wrist up to 6 times or wear as a long layering necklace. This strand is mainly adorned with green seed beads to activate our Heart Chakra, the connection between our Matter and Spirit centers.  A few orange and blue beads provide healing properties to the piece. We choose Blue Topaz, Carnelian, Peridot and Turquoise as our featured gemstones in this beautiful strand to promote truth and forgiveness, emotional and physical healing, courage and strength. Our African Trade Beads here are highly prized white and blue Chevrons and green and red watermelon beads from Ghana. Our chosen Talisman is a gold plated Adinkra Symbol for the wisdom of the past (Sankofa) which anchor our beautiful strand!   Designed with intention, our mantra, our affirmation for this beautiful strand is " I choose to heal the wounds of the Past"! 

Each bracelet comes with its own Affirmation and Story card.


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