The Strand of Passionate Love

Our beautiful bead bracelet is long enough at 36 inches to wrap around the wrist up to 6 times or wear as a long layering necklace. This strand is so very special! It is adorned of mainly red seed beads, coral beads and a few fuchsia beads to activate your Root Chakra, the first chakra which is located at the base of the spine, the root of our being! Its energy is responsible for our sense of safety, stability, grounding and security on this earthly journey. We strive to balance our Root Chakra first to create a solid foundation to open up all the other chakras upon which to build a strong base when facing challenges and trials. The strand features beautiful Garnets, the gemstone associated with Root Chakra healing, also known as the gemstone of Love. You will find a couple of stunning faceted tear drop rubies as well for an added touch of luxury. Ruby is know as the gemstone of passion! The beautiful gold plated Adinkra Symbol for the Power of Love (Odo Nnyew Fie Kwan) anchors our strand! Rather it's self-love,love of family or love of humanity, Love is Spirit, the guiding force of the universe. For our African Trade beads, we chose our highly priced Chevron bead from Ghana. When we seek to create a solid home filled with love and joy, where stability and safety rule, our "strand of passionate love" is the one spiritual ornament we want to wear! Designed with intention, our mantra, our affirmation for this spectacular strand is "I choose Love"!

Each bracelet comes with its own Affirmation and Story card.

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