The Strand of Purpose

Our beautiful bead bracelet is long enough at 36 inches to wrap around the wrist up to 6 times or to wear as a long layering necklace. It is adorned by mainly yellow beads to activate your Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd Chakra), which is the source of your personal power. It governs self-esteem, your sense of purpose, self-motivation, warrior energy and the power of transformation. This strand features beautiful yellow Vintage Venetian millefiori and Watermelon African Trade beads as well as our highly-prized Vintage Chevron bead from Ghana. Also added is faceted Lapis, known as the gemstone of Truth. A beautiful gold plated sacred Buddha anchors your piece. Designed with intention, our mantra, our affirmation for this strand is "I choose Purpose".

* Each bracelet comes with its own Affirmation and Story card.

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